politics makes strange bedfellows

politics makes strange bedfellows
Politics has long been considered a plural noun; its use with a singular verb is comparatively recent. A well-established variant of adversity makes strange bedfellows.

1839 P. HONE Diary 9 July (1927) I. 404 Party politics, like poverty, bring men ‘acquainted with strange bedfellows’.

1870 C. D. WARNER My Summer in Garden (1871) 187 The Doolittle raspberries have sprawled all over the strawberry-beds: so true is it that politics makes strange bed-fellows.

1936 M. MITCHELL Gone with Wind lviii. Ashley Wilkes and I are mainly responsible. Platitudinously but truly, politics make strange bedfellows.

1980 P. VAN GREENAWAY Dissident vii. Even enemies have something in common. Statecraft produces strange bedfellows.

1995 Washington Times 31 Mar. A4 Politics makes strange bedfellows, if Mr. Hyde will forgive the unforgivable but irresistible metaphor.

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